Automated Backup Using DriveImage XML

1. Download a copy of DriveImage XML and install it. It can be found here:

2. Create a scripts folder on the root of your hard drive; example C:\scripts

3.Open up Notepad and copy the text:


“C:\Program Files\Runtime Software\DriveImage XML\dixml.exe” /bc /te:\drive_c /r- /s- /c /v


” What this means:

“C:\Program Files\Runtime Software\DriveImage XML\dixml.exe”

Is  the location of  executable for DriveImage XML (this is the default location).


The letter after the /b (in this case the letter c) is the drive letter you want to backup


The drive letter and path after the /t (in this case e:\) is the location where you wish to store your
backup image. The drive_c is the file name the image will use when DriveImage XML creates
a backup image


This tells DriveImage XML not to use Raw mode when backing up


This tells DriveImage XML not to use Splitting mode when backing up


This tells DriveImage XML to use compressing when backing up


This tells DriveImage XML to try Volume Shadow Services first when backing up

Once the code is typed into notepad (please double check all typing and spacing), save the file
by clicking File, and then selecting Save as. Save the file as a day of the week.bat in the “Scripts” folder.  Once the file is saved, you may click the ‘X’ button in
the upper right hand corner to close Windows Notepad. ”

4. I would create a different .bat for everyday of the week or every time that you need the script to run and name is accordingly. What I will usually do is make a script for every day of the week and when the week is over, backups will automatically overwrite last weeks backup.

5.Schedule windows task scheduler to run the .bat at the appropriate time/day.

*The above information referenced from site: