Not Just A Buzzword, only Flexible and Secure Cloud Storage


Cloud This, Cloud That, What’s So Different About GoodwinTek Cloud?

A no-nonsense method of accessing your data from anywhere in the world.
Cloud storage space and fees are defined right up front. No surprises or overage fees.

High Availability with Secure Access:

All data is securely stored in Microsoft’s Data Centers.
Geo-redundant backup means your files are always available even if one server location goes offline.
All online transfers  are secured using AES 256 bit encryption, keeping your data private.

Options, Options, Options:

*Types of storage that you can specify depending on need:

Web: Utilize the website to upload, download and view files right within your browser.
Sync: Sync all of your files between any computers or devices connected to your account. ( Sync Client Download )
Virtual Hard Drive: Attach your cloud storage as a hard drive. Just click, drag and drop your files.

*Value-add services free of charge:

Phone Apps are available on Google Play Market, Apple App Store and the Windows Phone Store.
Real-time online document collaboration with any group that you choose.
Live preview of documents and pictures to quickly identify the file you need.\


Weigh the cloud storage competition, we guarantee you will not find a better option with as much flexibility and value.

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