Commercial WiFi

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open mesh wifi

How can this benefit us and our current layout and situation? Numerous ways:

Coverage In More Places

Eliminate dead spots Increase WiFi reach and wall penetrationMesh technology eliminates the need for networking cable to be run to each area

Scalable and Affordable

You can add onto your Open-Mesh network depending on need very easily True plug and play capabilityHardware costs are extremely affordable, despite being of the highest qualityA single point of administration to manage all of your networks from a web browser or smartphone appPerfectly suited for hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, campuses and small villages

Free Cloud Management

Unlike other solutions that charge per year, Open-Mesh offers free cloud management Your network is integrated into Google maps to provide a nice overhead layout Control two WiFi signals (SSIDs) for more flexibility and managementCreate portals for your guests upon logon, useful for monetization and informational purposesStop network bandwidth abusers with the ability to limit bandwidth consumption and block if neededAutomated outage alerts via e-mail



On To The WiFi Hardware

Access Points

Outdoor Long Range Wifi

Long Range Outdoor Access Points



Indoor High Speed Wifi

Indoor High Speed Access Points

Outdoor and Indoor Access Point Enclosures

WiFI Outdoor EnclosureWiFi Outdoor Enclosure 2WiFi Indoor POE Wall PlugWiFi Indoor POE Wall Plug 2WiFi Indoor Dome EnclosureWiFi Indoor AC Wall PlugWiFi Indoor AC Wall Plug 2

Power Over Ethernet

Single POE injectorMulti POE Injector

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More information on the Open-Mesh product offerings can be found Here