Online Backup

Never Lose Your Files Again!


GoodwinTek Backup


GoodwinTek Cloud


GoodwinTek Backup and Cloud Accomplishes Two Basic Needs:

Copy your files and backups offsite to a secure storage facility.
Provide Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

Giving You Peace of Mind:

All data is securely stored in Microsoft’s Data Centers.
Geo-redundant backup means your files are always available even if one server location goes offline.
Periodic backups of your files so you can go back in time if you need to.
All transactions  are secured using AES256 bit encryption, keeping your data private.
Automatically back up any files and directories you choose.
Automatically back up Computer and Server full images that you choose.

Offering Flexibility and Accessibility:

Securely access your data anywhere in the world with just a web browser.

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