Our Warranties

A Standard 1 Month Warranty On All Work and Services Performed By GoodwinTek:

one month computer services warranty

1 Month Warranty Covers The Following Services:

                                                    3 month refurbished computer warranty

A 3 Month Warranty Covers The Following Services:

GoodwinTek also adheres to the No Fix – No Pay Policy.  If we cant fix it, there is no charge and we give great referrals if it is beyond our skill set.  Our 1 and 3 month warranties include a full refund, cash back or store credit.

Having doubts? There is absolutely no risk in involved by receiving  any of our services. From our No Fix – No Pay Policy to our full Money back 1 month warranty on services and parts you will not have to worry. Our standard 1 and 3 month warranties on our services and equipment ensures that you are happy with your purchase and everything is what you intended. We are confident in our ability to fix, provide and service your computers and networks and back it up with our %100 money back guarantee.

Full Warranty Information Can Be Found Here

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